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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

entry untk 12 May 2011 missing

hey hey hey
entry bertarikh ni sgt2 bermakna
12 May 2011
Happy Nurses Day

just wanted to wish
Happy Nurses Days To Sn & Stn
proud Stn Batch 5 KLMU

to group 5A & 5B
gudluck kat clinical area nnti
& take care
untung la spe yg dpt msk labour room & paed ward

to group 5C & 5B
welcome back to college
mock ward tak sabar menanti
msk mock ward sila lah buat prosedure smpai muntah ok

btw All The Best 4 Batch 5
study leklok
kasi gempak college
Batch 5 terbaikkk
next year nak LJM & grade
yeay !

P/s : tak sabar nak grade ! hahaha (^__^)

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