amboiiiii !

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

empty !

my life empty without 'awak'
Rinduuuuu !!!!
no text , no call , no online , no skype
argh !
i cnt see ur face , i cnt hear ur voice , i cnt reading ur text
cik mai , cik mai oiii must be strong !

here im alone , lonely
i cnt accpt it cz u r in malaysia isn't onboard
i cn accpt if u onboard cz u r working

i must be strong , ble 'awak' sign on
need to stay & waiting u almost 1 year
i need familiarize myself

'awak' 'awak' i miss u so much laahhh !
(rini sy rasa kosong sgt life ni tp sy harus paham , awk busy ths week , a lot test. i wish u luck keyh , do d best for ur own future.)

p/s : pehal la blog ni mlm ni , xblh upload pic . HAISH !

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