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Sunday, March 13, 2011

dnt like to be forced ! hate !!!

i dnt like to be forced,
it's nt d way to educate me,
i dnt like d accused,
cz d allegation tht i feel disgusted wif he.

u,i miss u,
he did not kind of u,
he never understood me,
if sy gado dgn dia dulu , i must find u,
mengadu dengan awk,
so mayb u understand me,
but we cn nt more thn friend,
but someday who knows.

if u advise me,
i just love to hear,
probably means u dnt forced me,
i try my best,
i'll stdy hard 4 my future,
& u also , study okkk.

i promise i'll wearing hijab b4 i engaged,
i promise i'll study hard,
i promise to be more matured,
always think +ve,
reduce my temper,
i try my best.

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