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Saturday, March 12, 2011

06 March 2011

hangout wif him.
yeah! we went to sg wang..
teman dia mahu beli brg,layannn kan jela :)
wlpn kami dah ----- but we're still friend..
& let's eat @ tempayaki , yeay my fav :)

awak , awak . u must nt remember , right ?
06 March
If you want to know , hangout date is the date of our 1st annvrsry if i'm still wif u.
huurrrmmmm :(
not need to regrettable because that the matter have happened
lets bygone be bygone :)
walaupun pedih , perit , sakit tapi have happened
make it as a learning experience to make us more mature
if 06 March 2011 i'm still wif u 

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